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Pat-N-da Pot

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Pat-N-da Pot Jewelry

In a heartwarming collaboration, Chef Pat Darbonne and Louisiana artist, Candice Alexander, have joined forces to create something truly special—a limited edition sterling silver pendant, personally signed by Pat herself. This exquisite piece not only symbolizes our shared commitment to preserving heritage and promoting wellness but also serves a noble cause. All proceeds from the pendant sales will directly contribute to supporting Pat's courageous battle against cancer, helping to alleviate the financial burden of her chemotherapy treatments. Together, we stand as a testament to the power of community, love, and solidarity in the face of adversity.
  • Pendants are signed by Pat Darbonne.
  • Orders could take 3-4 weeks to fulfill.
  • Jewelry orders are not combined with seasoning orders.
  • Orders are filled as they are received.
  • All pendants and chains are sterling silver, made in the USA.


I am Chef Pat Darbonne, a devoted Creole hailing from the vibrant heart of Southwest Louisiana. Born and bred amidst the rich tapestry of our culture, I've been steeped in the art of Cajun cuisine for over five decades. Guided by the loving hand of my mother and the wisdom of my ancestors, I've journeyed from the warmth of private kitchens to the dazzling lights of network television, sharing the soulful flavors of our heritage with the world.

But beyond the accolades and the spotlight, it's my profound connection to family that truly fuels my culinary journey. Every dish I create carries the essence of our shared traditions, woven with the threads of love and legacy.

Yet, amidst the joy of my culinary adventures, a poignant moment shifted my perspective. With the loss of my beloved father, I was confronted with the harsh reality of health challenges plaguing our communities. Too many loved ones were departing prematurely, leaving a void that could never be filled. It was a wake-up call, a call to action.

Driven by this profound loss and a deep-seated desire to make a difference, I embarked on a mission to craft something more than just a seasoning blend. I wanted to offer a solution—a way to savor the unmistakable taste of Cajun cuisine without compromising on health. Thus, my low-sodium Cajun seasoning was born, a testament to the belief that flavor and wellness need not be mutually exclusive.

In every sprinkle of my seasoning, there's a whisper of heritage, a dash of love, and a commitment to nurturing both body and soul. It's not just about food; it's about preserving a legacy, enriching lives, and ensuring that the vibrant spirit of our culture endures for generations to come.